The route is ordered into counties. For each county, one or two highlights have been chosen that can be visited in a single day. Additional points of interest have also been selected for those who would like to spend more time visiting the county. The number of points of interest varies according to the county.

A summary of its history and a short historic and artistic explanation of its monuments are included for each county.

Northern route itinerary: from the Empordà to Boí Valley (5 days)

Stages Visits Counties
Stage 1 Monastery of Sant Pere de Rodes Empúries
Mediaeval complex of Castelló d’Empúries
Stage 2 County town of Besalú Besalú
Church of Sant Cristòfol de Beget or  Monastery of Sant Joan de les Abadesses Ripoll
Stage 3 Monastery of Ripoll Ripoll
 El Pedraforca – historic village of Gósol Berga
Stage 4 Monumental complex of the cathedral of  La Seu d’Urgell Urgell
Church of Sant Pere del Burgal (Àneu Valley) Pallars Sobirà
Stage 5 Romanesque complex of Boí Valley Ribagorça

Southern route itinerary: from Boí Valley to Girona (5 days)

Stages Visits Counties
Stage 1 Romanesque complex of Boí Valley Ribagorça
Stage 2 Mur Castle Pallars Jussà
Church of Santa Maria de Covet (Isona i Conca Dellà)
Stage 3  Mediaeval complex of Solsona Cardona
Mediaeval complex of Cardona
Stage 4  Mediaeval complex of Vic Osona
Episcopal museum of Vic
Stage 5 Mediaeval complex of Girona Girona

County by county itineraries (1, 2 or 3 days)

In addition to the two main itineraries, the route offers other itineraries of one, two or three days, ordered according to the territories of 11 of the ancient counties that were the setting for the shaping and birth of Catalonia:


Counties Highlights Points of Interest
Berga  El Pedraforca / Historic town of Gósol Church of Sant Llorenç prop Bagà
Church of Santa Maria de Lillet
Church of Sant Vicenç de Rus
Church of Sant Jaume de Frontanyà
Church of Sant Sadurní de Rotgers
Church of Sant Quirze de Pedret
Church of Sant Vicenç d’Obiols
Besalú  County town of Besalú Mediaeval complex of Santa Pau
Cardona  Mediaeval complex of Cardona Monastery of Sant Benet de Bages
Mediaeval complex of Solsona
Cerdanya  Llívia Old town
Empúries  Mediaeval complex of Castelló d’Empúries/Monastey of Sant Pere de Rodes Monastery of Sant Quirze de Colera
Requesens Castle
Mediaeval complex of Peralada
Monastery of Santa Maria de Vilabertran
Girona  Mediaeval complex of Girona Mediaeval complex of Pals
La Bisbal Castle Mediaeval complex of Peratallada
Osona  Old town of Vic – Episcopal Museum of Vic Mediaeval village of l’Esquerda
Monastery of Sant Pere de Casserres
Church of Santa Maria de Lluçà
Monastery of Santa Maria de l’Estany
Pallars Jussà  Mur Castle Llordà Castle
Mediaeval complex of Àger
Church of Santa Maria de Covet
Pallars Sobirà  Romanesque complex of the Àneu Valley Sort Castle
Exhibition "Hugo Roger III, Mountains in Rebellion"
Ribagorça  Romanesque complex of Boí Valley  
Ripoll  County town of Ripoll Monastery of Sant Joan de les Abadesses
Church of Sant Cristòfol de Beget
Mataplana Castle
Sanctuary and Sant Pere de Montgrony
Urgell  Monumental complex of the Cathedral of La Seu d’Urgell Homilies d’Organyà Interpretation Centre
Val d'Aran  Vielha  
Vilamós Ecomusèu Çò de Joanchiquet


Along the route, visitors can enjoy not only the region’s artistic and monumental heritage, but also a range of high-quality tourism and commercial services.

In addition, a wide range of recreational activities enables visitors to discover and experience the natural surroundings the route travels through, characterised by spectacular landscapes. Given the characteristics of the surrounding area, meteorological conditions as well as the fact that the route was created for those travelling in small- to medium-sized cars must be taken into account before embarking. For travel in larger vehicles, such as a coach bus, it is recommended that the viability of the proposed routes be studied.

Finally, the calendar of special holidays should not be forgotten. It is peppered throughout the year with popular festivals and events that will make a visit to the area all the more attractive.

Update:  02.06.2011