Way of Saint James. Open in a new window.

Website with historical and cultural information about the route, where each stage comprising the Way is described. There are also videos, advice and tips to help you prepare your trip.

The Way of Saint James for All. Open in a new window.

Website providing information and tools so that individuals with reduced mobility or a disability can enjoy the experience of travelling the Way of Saint James. There are Audio-Sign Language-Guides for the different stages of the Way and list of the accessible stretches and destinations.

Tourist guides of the Way of Saint James trought Catalonia

A collection of full-text guides on the different stretches of the Way. They provide a compilation of historical and cultural references as well as instructions on how to prepare your pilgrimage, maps of each stage and information on tourist accommodation to spend the night.

Route signage

Indications that have been installed along the Way of Saint James to waymark the route.