Pyrenean Counties: Routes Back to the Birth of Catalonia

From the Empordà to the Ribagorça, against the backdrop of the Pyrenees, the route travels through landscapes of striking beauty, a historic setting replete with events, characters and legends and scattered with churches, monasteries, castles and towns that retain the memory of those times, which were also the times of Europe in its infancy, of feudalism, of the Crusades and of the Romanesque era.

Border castles

A journey through New Catalonia following the Route of the Frontier Castles. The route can be travelled all at once, passing by the most noteworthy castles and fortifications open to visitors, or at a slower pace, journeying along the five sub-routes specialised by theme that follow the landmarks of the evolution of the Medieval frontier, from the course of the Llobregat to the land of the Segre and the Ebro, where we find the imposing castles of the Templars, Gardeny and Miravet.

The Ignatian Way

From Terres de Lleida to Catalunya Central, through the districts of Segrià, Pla d?Urgell, Urgell, Segarra, Anoia and Bages, on foot, by bicicle or on horseback, this pilgrimage represents not only a spiritual journey of personal growth but at the same time a privileged chance to enjoy the wealth of nature, culture and the landscapes along the Ignatian Way as it runs through Catalonia.