2020 Tourism Strategy

The Strategic Tourism Plan for Catalonia (STPC), the National Tourism Guidelines and the Catalonia Tourism Marketing Plan (CTMP) make up the 2020 Tourism Strategy for Catalonia.

2018-2022 Strategic Tourism Plan for Catalonia



The objective of this strategic plan is to establish how tourism activity in Catalonia is to be managed over the next few years. Globally, in 2017 there were over 1.3 billion international tourists and the World Tourism Organization predicts that in 2030 the total will reach 1.8 billion. At this point, the strategic plan considers a number of different scenarios regarding the volume of international tourists that Catalonia could receive in the future. One of these scenarios contemplates the figure of 35.6 million international tourists in 2030, and within this framework the STPC estimates a sustained increase to some 21 million tourists in 2022 (in 2018 Catalonia welcomed 19.1 million).

Within this framework, the strategic plan aims to place Catalonia as one of the best destinations in the Mediterranean and achieve the following objectives by 2022:

  1. Increase spending per day per tourist.
  2. Reach 37% of tourists visiting in the months of March, April, May and October.
  3. Increase the proportion of tourists staying at inland destinations to 10%.
  4. Apply smart growth management to reach 21 million international tourists.

To achieve these goals, the STPC has established seven pillars that group the actions to be undertaken:

  1. Offer exceptional experience-based tourism: offer an extensive range of truly distinctive experiences with high-quality associated services.
  2. Win and retain the right customers: improve tourism marketing to optimise implemented actions.
  3. Attract the necessary investment: mobilise private capital to develop new tourism products and services and improve existing ones.
  4. Implement smart tourism: apply the best social and environmental responsibility practices to ensure that growth in tourism is compatible with preserving the quality of life of its inhabitants and the ability to continue creating value.
  5. Improve the destination’s competitive conditions: ensure good conditions for businesses, proper infrastructure and positive conditions to create demand, and foster tourism industry access to technology and knowledge.
  6. Improve the tourism management of the territory and its development: foster tourism planning that favours the redistribution of tourism flows throughout the territory beyond Barcelona and the coast.
  7. Reconsider organisation, management and governance: develop a new governance system to manage sectorial problems in cooperation with the industry’s key players.

Strategic Tourism Plan for Catalonia 2013-2016 and National Tourism Directives 2020


The Strategic Tourism Plan for Catalonia 2013-2016 defines the basic principles of the Catalan tourism model in the medium term and directs the tourism policy of all actors in the sector, both public and private, particularly that of the Government of Catalonia. It contains guidelines for developing a tourism model governed by criteria of ‘sustainable competitiveness’: a balance of tourism quality and quantity that enables future continuity to be ensured on the basis of economic, environmental and social sustainability.

2018-2022 Catalonia Tourism Marketing Plan


The new 2018-2022 Catalonia Tourism Marketing Plan sets the challenges to be met over the next four years with regard to the strategies and actions aiming to promote Catalonia as a tourism destination in other countries. The document has been prepared with the collaboration of tourism agents, tourist boards and the private sector to enable the Catalan Tourist Board (ACT) to attain excellence in its everyday work in promoting our destination.

Tourism Marketing Plan of Catalonia 2013-2015


The Plan establishes guidelines for promoting and selling Catalonia in the coming years, giving priority to increased revenue from tourism, improving knowledge of demand, working to build visitor loyalty and increasing the profitability of promotional action. Its implementation will mean a new way of working based on maximising the potential of technology and the social networks, creating new products and establishing close relations with the other actors in the sector. The Plan has been drawn up with the participation of the sector based on a broad programme of research and study.

Strategic Tourism Plan for Catalonia 2005-2010


The first Strategic Tourism Plan for Catalonia (2005-2010) was divided into four major areas: analysis, diagnosis, objectives and Action Plan. The Plan, more than being an exhaustive examination of the sector, was a proposal document, which defined 10 objectives with 10 action programmes and 48 actions to be carried out.

Update:  02.08.2019