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CPRM, Conference of peripheral maritime regions

Created in Andalusia in 1990 to express the shared interests of Mediterranean Regions in important European negotiations, the CPMR Intermediterranean Commission (IMC) encompasses the issues raised in all the Regions bordering the Mediterranean Sea.

The CPMR Intermediterranean Commission gathers around 40 Member Regions from 9 different EU members states and other countries (Albania, Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy, Malta, Morocco, Spain and Tunisia). It is open to all the different sub-national levels in all Mediterranean countries.

The gathering of the Intermediterranean Commission Members Regions represents a bond of peace, stability and development between three continents, Europe, Africa and Asia.

The Intermediterranean Commission work focuses on the development of the Euro-Mediterranean dialogue and territorial cooperation, concentrating its efforts on Transport and Integrated Maritime Policy, Economic and Social Cohesion, Water and Energy. Today, it is calling for a macro-regional strategy for the Mediterranean and fostering the emergence of Mediterranean citizenship – also on migration policies – mobilising partners from the southern rims of the basin too.

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ENAT, European Network for Accessible Tourism

Non-profit association for organisations that aim to be "frontrunners" in the study, promotion and practice of accesible tourism.

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EUROREGION, Euroregion Pyrénées-Méditerranée

The Euroregion Pyrénées-Méditerranée was founded on October 29th, 2004. It is a cooperative political project involving the regions of Catalonia, the Balearic Islands, and Occitanie (and the Aragon, which is no longer part of the Euroregion).

The aim of the project is to create a sustainable development cluster in the northwestern Mediterranean region based on innovation and the social and economic integration of the territory. As such, the Euroregion shall contribute to the construction of a united, solidarity-based Europe attuned to the concerns and experiences of its citizens.

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NECSTouR, a Network of European Regions for a Sustainable and Competitive Tourism

Catalonia is currently holding the presidency of NECSTouR, a Network of European Regions for a Sustainable and Competitive Tourism created by Tuscany, PACA (Provence, Alpes, Côte d'Azur) and Catalonia. The network works to boost the cooperation between European regions in the consolidation of the sustainable tourism and to influence the European tourism policy. In order to achieve it the network coordinates several working groups, which deal with topics such as the accessibility, the climate change, the indicators for sustainable tourism and the coastal and maritime tourism, among other. Today it counts around thirty regions and thirty-five associated members among companies, institutions, universities and associations of the European tourism sector. During the three years of Presidency, Catalonia wishes to position the network as the spokesperson of the regions in the field of tourism to the European Institutions and deal with topics such as the fight against seasonality, the sharing economy and the full renovation of destinations, among other subjects.

OITS, International Organisation of Social Tourism

OITS is the negotiator for the European Commission for developing the Calypso project, which aims to focus actions to promote social tourism in four selected groups: young people, elderly people, the disabled and families.