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App Visit Catalonia

App Visit Catalonia

Introducing new “Visit Catalonia” App at Mobile World Congress, the application with more tourism entries about Catalonia that exists, and, in the area of tourism, the one that offers more contents at world level.

“Visit Catalonia” App has been possible thanks to Catalan Tourist Board multichannel strategy.

Now it’s available in several languages which include: Catalan, Spanish, English, French, German and Russian.

“Visit Catalonia” App allows data extraction.

Projects like this place Catalonia in the Smart Destinations field. (Source: press release) 

This App has everything you need to know to plan your ‪#‎Catalonia‬‬ trip. More than 13,000 entries which include hotels, sights municipalities or tourist routes. It’s available for iPhone on App Store and for Android on Google play

Update:  29.02.2016