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Consumer claims and reporting

Filing a claim with the establishment

Filing a claim with the establishment 4197 - Queixa, reclamació i denúncia de consum Departament d'Empresa i Coneixement

A claim can be filed at any time.

Documentation to attach to the claim form:

  1. Photocopies of all the required documentation (invoice, receipt, publicity, quotation, etc.).
  2. The person who formalises the claim/report must keep the originals of the documentation, in case the corresponding Administration wishes to look into it.

There are no fees associated with this procedure.

Definition of consumer or user
Any natural person or legal entity of any nationality or residency that, as an end user within the territory, acquires or uses goods or services for their personal, familial, or collective consumption or use, as long as the provider is a business or professional, or is the Public Administration.

How should the claim be presented?
First the facts must be communicated to the establishment or company.

  • The official claim/report sheets must be requested at the establishment, so that there is a written record.

The official claim/report sheets are a set of three pages: an original for the person filing the claim/report, a copy for the Administration, and a copy for the establishment. The instructions are written in Catalan, Spanish, and English.
The consumer or user must fill in the sheet at the establishment. At least the following information must be included:

  1. Personal information for the person who is filing the claim/report.
  2. Identifying information for the establishment.
  3. A clear and concise description of the facts that motivate the claim or report, and the place and time when these took place.
  4. Both the person filing the claim and the person at the establishment who receives it must sign the sheet.
  5. It is not necessary for the consumer or user to indicate at this time the documentation that will be attached to the claim, where applicable.
  6. The establishment or the person providing services may also make claims on the same sheet and, in this case, must sign the form in the space reserved for it.

If the establishment does not have official sheets, does not want to make them available, or it is not possible for the consumer to contact the establishment, this model can be filled in and given to the establishment.

Official claim sheets
Any natural person or legal entity that sells goods or provides services directly to consumers or users in the territory of Catalonia must have official claim sheets and be able to provide them to consumers and users who request them, so that they can draw up a claim in writing at the establishment and, thus, leave a record of this fact, as well as making an agreement or a solution to the conflict possible.
Establishments must have a visible sign stating that they have these forms available to customers.
The following are not required to have these forms:

  1. Those liberal professionals who carry out an activity which requires previous membership in a legally recognised professional association.
  2. Those public services provided directly by the Administration.
  3. Those centres that provide regulated instruction.
  4. All those activities that have specific regulations on claim/report sheets.