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Consumer claims and reporting

4197 - Queixa, reclamació i denúncia de consum Departament d'Empresa i Coneixement empresaiocupacio

A consumer claim is a petition made by a consumer or user of a company, commercial establishment, or professional, with the aim of obtaining reparations for damages, the lending of services in the correct manner, the refunding of money, or the rescission of a contract and/or the cancellation of a debt.
A consumer report is a petition made with the aim of informing the Administration of certain facts, which may constitute an administrative infraction for the defence of the consumers and users, so that this is investigated and, if necessary, action is taken to correct the infractions or negligent conduct.

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You must first file a claim with the establishment; if no agreement is reached, a claim or report can be filed with the Administration.

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Last update 28.04.2017