Quarterly notification of the importing of EURATOM radioactive sources

22302 - Notificació trimestral importació de fonts radioactives EURATOM Departament d'Empresa i Treball empresaiocupacio

The holder of sealed sources, other relevant sources or radioactive waste must provide the administration with the information about the arranged or carried out shipments quarterly.  

The information about the deliveries that should be notified is:

  • names and addresses of consignees,
  • the total activity per radionuclide delivered to each consignee and the number of such deliveries made,
  • the highest single quantity of each radionuclide delivered to each consignee,
  • the type of substance : sealed source, other relevant source or radioactive waste.


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This procedure can only be completed online. Any documents sent by another channel will not be considered or computed with regard to the submission date.

The information about the shipments should be provided within 21 days of the end of each calendar quarter

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Last update  10.12.2020