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Innovators Grants 2020

21892 - 07-21892-INNOVADORS-2020 Departament d'Empresa i Coneixement empresaiocupacio

Grants for transfer and valorization projects of knowledge developed by innovators in stays in research and innovation system entities in Catalonia.


The projects must be aimed at carrying out activities leading to the creation of a spin-off and / or the exploitation of licenses.

It will be developed activities in order to identify other technologies or  knowledge potentially transferable.

The beneficiary will hire an entrepreneur person who will incorporate for a period of 18 months to explicitly develop the project.

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This procedure must only be done by internet

The applications period is postponed and the new deadline will be published shortly


Víctor Linares (victor.linares@gencat.cat)
Nadal Bayà (nbaya@gencat.cat)

This grant is co-funded by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

Research teams from universities in the Catalan university system, research centres, technology centres, hospital foundations and non-profit foundations whose main activity is research and which are based in Catalonia (where they must carry out all or part of the research activity) may benefit from these grants.

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Last update 18.07.2019