Knowledge Industry Grants for 2018. Modality A. LLavor Grants

21430 - 05-21430-Ajuts d’Indústria del Coneixement per a l'any 2018. Modalitat A. Ajuts Llavor Departament de Recerca i Universitats empresaiocupacio

Modality A. Llavor Grants for innovative projects with the potential for being incorporated into the production sector 

The funding of innovation projects at Levels 1 and 2 of the technology readiness levels (TRL), document included in the work programme of the European Commission’s Horizon 2020, Decision C (2014) 4995, of 22 July 2014 (<>), for the exploitation of knowledge with the potential for incorporation into the production sector. The projects must be aimed at boosting protection for knowledge created and initial (pre-prototype) testing, and the definition of the commercialisation road map, the establishment of the business model, technological and/or commercial viability analysis, proof of concept design or similar activities included within these stages.

The grant is complemented with an entrepreneurship training plan, aimed at members of the Llavor team and designed to develop the innovative projects funded by these grants. Beneficiaries must be informed by the relevant means on the work plan and the specific actions to be carried out.

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Extension of the execution and justification period for the Knowledge Industry grants for 2018 (Llavor & Producte)


- Juan Antonio Bermejo (
- Víctor Linares (
- Bústia FEDER AGAUR (

This grant is co-funded by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

Resolution: the e-tauler link will no longer available be available 6 months after the call resolution. You will be able to check the beneficiary list at the portal of transparency.


Research teams from universities in the Catalan universities system, research centres, technology centres, hospital foundations and non-profit foundations whose main activity is research and which are based in Catalonia (where they must carry out all or part of the research activity) may benefit from these grants.

The undertakings must be owners or co-owners of the research results whose valorisation is sought by means of these grants. Management of any additional results that may be obtained during the carrying out of the project is the responsibility of the applicant undertaking.

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Last update  18.05.2018